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Our Services


We provide a comfortable place for individual, family, marriage and group to better understand the problem and plan to fix it

Basic Skills Training (BST)

We help recipients learn constructive cognitive and behavioral skills.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)

We design interventions to reduce psychosocial dysfunction and restore to their highest level of functioning.

Psychiatric Assessment

Our psychiatrist makes the right diagnosis, which is important to initiate the treatment process.

Crisis Intervention

Psychological care for an emergency situation to minimize trauma.

Peer-to-peer Support

We facilitate the sharing of emotional, social or practical experiences help to each other.

What Our Client Say

CAN DO is a lively and refreshing atmosphere, where I'm always greeted with many smiles. They help me to socialize, they check in on me and are always there for emergencies and crises.They listen and really care about my well-being.

Daniel McGuire

( Client )

Their CAN DO spirit is beyond their name. My son's current provider has a heart and she tries to do the best for Anthony. She's a friend, a mother and a professional, too. I always recommend CAN DO to parents who need help like me.

Rosalinda R. Ligsay

( Mother )

I am very happy with how nice [my provider] is and how the CAN DO people are helping me. They are very encouraging and they come up with good suggestions. I'm so glad that someone suggested your organization to me.

Maria Elena Lieberman

( Client )

I think they are great. Any day, I would recommend CAN DO services to others and has done so in the past.

Belita Cody

( Client )

Recent News

November 2014 Newsletter

The latest issue of CAN DO newsletter is now available here.

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Purple to red color lotus very beautiful


CAN DO and the Legend of the Lotus The lotus grows beneath the murkiest mud at the bottom of a lake or river bed.   It pushes itself upward with strong flexible stems through the water and blooms at the surface into a beautiful flower with ample leaves that repel dirt through little droplets of water

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